Consulting Picture

Computer Work

Typing Papers

Figuring Out Software Glitches

Data Entry

Teaching How To Use

1. Computers (Desktop & Laptop)

2. IPhones & Androids

3. IPads (and Androids)

4. Ask Me?

Graphic Design

I have an Associate's Degree from Southwest Florida College in Graphic Design.

I took classes for 3 years in the Tampa Area.

I also have a Computer Information Science Certificate from Dover Business College in Paramus, New Jersey

Making it "Pretty"

"If you end up where you started with your project, you weren't thinking "Outside The Box""

I like to add my own touch to things...ALL THINGS.

Photo & Video Manipulation

Good with Video and Photography in general.

Ask me what I can do, or help you with...

Photography: $30/hr

I take about 40-50 pictures-                                          -you take home 6-7 of the best

Video: $50/hr

I will make and save your

new and old precious memories.

Business Cards, Brouchures

Been making them for years...

Ask and I will show you!!!

Add Some Music

Want to add some Music

Or make something SPECIAL?

I have a record player and turntable and have Karaoke apps that I can access.

Let's have a party...

Pick a TIME & VENUE.

I also have full use of Computer Software that can change your gift into something of your own...

Proceed As If Success Is Inevitable...

Dani M. Greenfield--Bluesyvoss LLC